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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Toi Whakataa Press

Toi Whakataa - to make artistic impression

Toi = Art; Whakataa = to make impression; Press = printmakers collective, independent of any organisation or institution.
The two white koru refer to the rollers of the press with the paper rolling out bleeding over the edge of the logo, this has been overlayed with a handle of a press thus combining the cultural aspect with the technical aspect of our roopu. The colours, slate greys and blues, reference to Taa moko.

Toi Whakataa Press was established in January of 2006, and emerged from a need to identify printmaking as a valid means of Maori artistic expression.
As a result, this Maori Printmakers Collective acts as a basic network for those involved.
To support and encourage the maintanence of Maori printmaking through the sharing of knowledge, opportunities and experience.

To initiate and participate in projects that benefit Maori printmaking and our personal print practises.

To act as representatives of Maori Print whenever appropriate and endeavour to maintain, expand and nurture networks with other indigenous artists.

To be aware of our roles as Maori printmakers/ Maori artists and to continually challenge and discuss what that means in a variety of contexts.

Toi Whakataa Press at this point is a fledgling group as a collective that is made up of strong and established individual printmakers that currently include:
Alethea Nathan
Alexis Neal
Anna marie White
Cerisse Palalagi
Chelsea Gough
Faith McManus
Gabrielle Belz
Marty Vreedre
Mike Samuels
Margie Brown
Natalie Couch
Ruth Green Cole
Sam Farquhar
Simon Kaan
Vanessa Edwards

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