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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Afro comb digital experiments

The top image is actually an animated gif file, and the original is below.

I enjoy finding pictures that I appeal to me on the internet, adding to them or breaking them down to a degree where I feel they are finished.

Today I had a played around with an image of a old antique traditionally made hair comb from the Pacific Islands, and added text that relates to the comb which is 'Afro'.
I placed an effect on the image called 'old film', I just really love that Old school look it gives the image. I chose the old English font for the text because my younger teenage siblings use it alot when they get there clothing 'personalised'. I like the connections associated between the ancient comb, & the text.....a series perhaps?

I'll just keep playing and let these experimental works evolve.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lavalavas stacked installation

I have been wanting to do something with Lavalava material for a long time & I like how Marie Watt used blankets. However, I want to try this idea using lavlava, except stacked up in a urban environment, eg: Southdown Trainstop.( I'll talk more about this later)

Blanket Stories, by artist Marie Watt

Marie Watt: Blanket Stories: Almanac
September 30, 2006 – January 21, 2007

This exhibition features new and recent works by Portland, Oregon, artist Marie Watt. Using symbolic materials such as reclaimed blankets to communicate ideas about her First Nations’ heritage, the artist draws attention to simple everyday items in our lives that are infused with meaning, but are often taken for granted. Inspired by Native American blankets and their history, Watt’s wall-hung fiber works, sculptures and lithographs explore cultural identity by combining the ancient form of blanket making with the aesthetic of 20th century modern painting. Her fiber and bronze sculptures investigate cultural connections, from a personal as well as a universal perspective.

Marie Watt

Marie Watt
Blanket Stack Lewis and Clark, 2003
floor-to-ceiling folded and stacked blankets, with reclaimed red cedar bases
Collection of the Artist

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